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Whether you are buying a home, worried about signs of potential mold growth, or just want the peace of mind that you have the indoor air quality that you deserve, we provide all of our clients with the trusted expert services they need.

Our committed staff members at Fix Mold are ready to help.

Tailor-made solutions for your property.

With FixMold, you will receive effective, transparent service from licensed Florida mold technicians.

We guarantee that after the completion of the mold remediation process, mold will be removed in the treated areas of the property. In addition, we guarantee that no mold will reappear in the treated areas for up to 12 months from the date of remediation, provided there is no additional water intrusion and/or water damage and proof of property recommendations provided from the technician has been followed.

Our team has successfully eradicated both commercial and residential properties, as well as schools, yachts, industrial facilities, and more. With our WiFi Intergrated technology, our technicians are able to seamlessly keep the office staff up to speed on reports and documentation.

With the usage of top-tier equipment, you can trust that your property will be treated with the highest level of care and expertise. We will follow EPA guidelines in order to provide your property with the most accurate efficiency in indoor air quality and prevention measures.

1. Assessment

Mold Assessment

First and foremost, a visual inspection is needed to identify the severity of the moisture and humidity. Even if no mold is visibly present, we have advanced technology and methods to help us identify whether mold is present in areas out of sight, such as behind drywall, under floorboards, attics and crawl spaces, or in the a/c air ductwork. Our team will verify the source of the issue and create a custom report that highlights the underlying concerns as well as a protocol on how we plan to fix it.


Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is the process of removing, targeting, and treating surfaces affected by and vulnerable to mold. We will analyze the moisture levels, prepare the space, proceed with mold removal and disinfecting, and send an air sample to a thrid party lab to confirm if mold is elevated or not.

3. Air Filtration

Air Filtration

Whether our mold assessment detected mold in your home or you just would like to improve your properties indoor air quality, our air filtration service can lead to a noticeable decrease of unwanted odors, airborne contaminants, or debris from recent construction such as fiberglass particles in your home.

4. ac cleaning

AC Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is the process of removing dust and contaminants that have accumulated over time from your coils/ductwork. Air ducts deliver air conditioning and heating throughout your home, which means that any dust or contaminant build-up within the HVAC will compromise your indoor air quality. We will help clear the air and remove these unwanted contaminants.

professional microbial test labs

Microbial Lab Testing/Sampling

Whether we take an air sample, swab sample, or both, all samples are drawn by a licensed mold technician(s) and sent to an independent, third-party laboratory for testing. Out of over 100,000 types of mold and fungi that exists, the laboratory’s sample results will identify the specific form(s) of mold and its spore count as well as confirming whether or not it is elevated.

6. odor removal

Odor Removal

Odors consist of tiny particles that can linger in air or on surfaces. To get rid of lingering odors, FixMold can use a wide range of disinfectants and detergents not available to the general public and our air filtration tools in order to neutralize and remove the odor.


Crawl Space & Attic Cleaning

Crawl space issues are similar to those of attic spaces, but the main difference is that there is excess moisture build up in crawl spaces as opposed to the scorching hot temperatures that attics can reach. Unfortunately, many homes do not have protective barriers between crawl spaces and the flooring and support beams. This can lead to support beams and flooring to warp over time. We will help to make sure that this is no longer a concern.

8. Sanitizing & Disinfecting

Sanitizing & Disinfecting

Utilizing best-practice methodology and our advanced technology, you can be assured our sanitizing and disinfecting services exceed industry standards. Our top choice for sanitizing options includes utilitizing chlorine dioxide. As a very selective oxidant, chlorine dioxide can reduce harmful pathogens ranging from viruses to bacterial spores by 99.9999%.

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