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Mold Remediation Cost Calculator

Mold Remediation Cost Calculator


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We believe everyone should have access to affordable mold inspection & remediation services. That is why we pride ourselves on providing a lowest price guarantee. If you ever find a price below our quote, please share the quote to "" in order to receive access to our lowest price guarantee.

Remediation include:

Personal protective equipment, Electrostatic Sprayers, Hydroxyl Generator & Maximizer , Air Scrubber (Hepa 700), C150 Vector Fog with the use of benefect Decon 30, Hepa Vacuum, Thermo Fogger, Zefon Bio Pump Air Sampler with Tripod, .35-Mil Polyethylene sheeting to cover furniture.

Disclaimer: Price is an estimate only. Please call or schedule a free online consultation to receive a more definitive quote.

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