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Mold Removal

Mold Removal

Mold Remediation

Through a unique combination of engineering, advanced diagnostic methods and technology.

What is mold removal and is mold removal really necessary?

Mold removal is the process of removing, targeting, and treating surfaces affected by and vulnerable to mold. If you have detected signs of mold in your home or office, hiring a mold removal company is essential.

At FixMold, we offer a licensed and professional assessment, where we identify the main source(s) of mold contamination and the severity of mold removal services. Before starting any mold removal, FixMold will complete a detailed staging process to ensure there is no cross contamination of mold. Once our mold assessment is complete and has been reviewed with you thoroughly, FixMold will work to create a mold removal course of action that fits your family’s needs.

Typically, the mold removal process consists of three steps:

1. Staging and preparation
2. Mold removal and disinfecting
3. Clearance certificates

During the staging process, our Licensed and Professional mold removal staff will contain the work area needed to remove mold from your home to ensure there is no further cross contamination. During this time, we will start to control the relative humidity and moisture levels in the containment area to ensure that the environment is unfavorable for further mold growth and prepare the contained area for mold abatement.

Our signature removal process is what we are most proud of. Following the mold removal plan created with you, our highly skilled and licensed mold technicians will rid your home of the identified mold growth utilizing our advanced technology and professional expertise.

After the mold removal, we will complete a walkthrough to ensure that mold is no longer present and take post-remediation (PRV) air/swab samples of the affected areas and common living spaces. Our goal is to ensure that there is an acceptable level of mold spores present in the treated areas of your home, verified by a third-party, independent laboratory.

Upon receiving the sample results from the laboratory, a senior manager will explain the report detailing the lab results. We will award you a Clearance Certificate, giving you peace of mind that the mold identified during our mold inspection has been removed and that you can enjoy a home with superior indoor air quality. With our signature mold elimination and mold prevention approach, you can prevent mold damage from occurring in the future.

mold remediation assessment

Questions about mold remediation?

We require all of our licensed mold technicians to wear PPE equipment while they are completing a mold remediation service for their own safety.  Because we take these precautions with our employees, we would not want our valued customers to be exposed for a second to the toxic hazards of mold remediation. It is recommended for your own health that you vacate the premises during mold remediation. However, depending on the severity of the issue and the containment area in your home, it may be possible for you to remain at home during mold remediation. FixMold will work with you to ensure that the mold remediation process is as unobtrusive as possible.

Unfortunately, mold can reappear after the initial mold remediation process if all property recommendations are not followed. It is imperative that you take the steps needed to address the sources of elevated moisture levels in your home if you would like to reduce the chances of mold growing in your home in the future. If all the property recommendations laid out in our mold assessment are addressed, the probability of mold returning can drop to less than 10%. 

1. Work area will be sealed to prevent dust and spores spreading to other areas. No
non-approved workers will be allowed in areas under remediation.
2. Plastic 6-mill Polyethylene sheeting protective work tarps will be placed throughout the work area if and as needed.
3. Negative air pressure unit will be installed in the area with a hose leading to an outside air source to generate negative pressurization (ventilating to the outdoors) at an air exchange rate of six times per hour.
4. Foundation/exterior walls will be thoroughly sealed using a multi-phase process
including Liquid Nail, Dry-Lok and silicone, to waterproof where needed to prevent
future moisture intrusion. All waterproofing work will be provided with advanced
precision using protimeters and infrared technology. Although we offer this service to our clients we do not provide a guarantee due to us being licensed mold professionals and not water proofers.
5. Vent System(s) will be thoroughly sealed using silicone, to avoid condensation where needed.
6. Moldy materials will be removed and double bagged in affected areas if and as necessary. (Sheetrock and/or drywall replacement is not included and is the responsibility of the owner). Thermo Fogging will be performed throughout the areas if and as needed.
7. Central A/C Unit(s)/Intake/Ductwork and Vent system(s) will be decontaminated, sealed and completely filtered to rid the unit(s) of any mold, fungi and/or contaminants present while preventing cross contamination of airborne mold spores throughout. Air handler coils will be thoroughly cleaned using non-abrasive materials, sanitized and disinfected.
8. Electrostatic disinfecting will be performed throughout all area(s) where evidence of mold growth was present, as well as throughout the central A/C unit(s)/intake/ ductwork and vent system(s) once they have been filtered.
9. Decontamination and air purification using Photocatalyctic Hydroxyl Generator will be performed in affected areas, as needed.
10. Full premises will be thoroughly aired out with air scrubbers and HEPA-Vacuum, where needed to remove the airborne mold spores throughout the area.
11. Each room will be wrapped up upon completion and materials will be removed from premises.
12. All surfaces will be closely inspected and wiped down ensuring no debris is left behind.
13. Clearance testing to be performed will include air sampling and/or swab sampling, upon client’s approval.

30%–50% of the structures we live in consist of damp enough environments which often encourage growth and a buildup of biological pollutants - mold being one of the most prevalent. Mold often targets indviduals’ respiratory systems and can cause a range of symptoms, from minor to extreme health risks. Mold can be the reason for nose bleeds, pulmonary hemorrages, hemotysis, and allergic reactions. For some, the longer exposure to mold, the worse the condition. For others, it only takes a small amount of mold exposure to lead to some of the most severe and sometimes life-threatening symptoms.

We have a complete process that entails using HEPA air scrubber machines, photocatalytic hydroxyl generators with maximizers, electrostatic disinfecting machinery, Vector fog + ULV, a thermo fogger and more.
Disposable toxic suits, inclusive of masks with filters
Any materials or fittings needed to properly clean the infected areas thoroughly and effectively
Cleaning materials, cloths, sprayers, etc.
Disinfectant (one or more of the following): DP2545, Shockwave, Mildewstat, First Defense, Benefect DECON 30, Chlorine Dioxide, Fungicide and Sanitizer.
6-Mil Polyethylene sheeting for sealing area
Use of Negative Air Units
Air filters

Depending on the square footage of the property and the type of issues needing to be addressed in the mold remediation process, the service can range between 2-6 hours. Based on these factors we will present you a custom report prior to servicing your property that will outline the time expectations and the scale of the job.

Our objective at Fix Mold is to completely cleanse, demolish, eradicate and abate molds from the infected area, while applying a pro-active treatment process to prevent any possibility of mold re-growth. We utilize a number of proven techniques throughout this process that have resulted in guaranteed results in the past. All remediation work will be performed in accordance with the EPA Mold Remediation Guidelines.

Specialized Mold Removal Services You Can Trust

At FixMold, we provide professional 100% customer satisfaction mold removal services. We have specialized in removing wet and moldy porous materials. However, our services are designed around your specific mold cleanup needs and concerns. The following items help us provide exceptional mold removal service:

  • Work in compliance with the highest standards
  • Use the latest equipment, tools, techniques, and disinfectants to treat mold-affected areas correctly.
  • A highly skilled team with a combined experience of three decades in mold removal services.
  • Flexible mold cleanup plans according to the specific needs of our clients.
  • Deliver high-quality mold removal services in a flexible and timely manner.
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